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To have or to run out of stock – how to secure availability

As wine producer located on other continent You probably see some limitations related to the possibility of increasing the sales of your wines in Europe. A frequent problem on the HoReCa or shops markets is the run out of stock of wines and in such cases, consumers decide to choose another producer.

The main reason for this situation is related to the remoteness of the warehouse stock from your markets. Cooperation with national or regional distributors involves the need to provide them with supplies, but if they do not correctly predict sales forecasts for each of your products, very often there is a lack of part of the assortment and thus you lose some of your possible sales. Replenishment will only be possible after receiving another delivery from your vineyard.

Moving your stock closer to the sales market and the possibility a quick replenishment  to all your distributors on a small amount of your stock can save the situation until another large order is placed in your company and will set off on its long ocean journey.

The solution could be sought in moving  well calculated part of your stock for example  to our Eurohub from where distributors in Europe could receive replenishment of missing items in a very short time.

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