Full logistics services for goods are based on warehouse services and deliveries both to the warehouse and from the warehouse to the recipient. We offer our clients deliveries based on transport networks of both smaller quantities of goods (generaL cargo up to 2.5 tons), as well as partial deliveries (LTL) and full truck deliveries (FTL). Road transport is carried out in domestic and international traffic. Solutions for moving smaller parcels give freedom in using courier networks with which we cooperate, e.g. in e-commerce deliveries.
Precise planning and fixed schedules of transport connections allow for a high degree of security and predictability of order execution. 

Partner Logistic guarantees the highest quality and safety standards at every stage of the supply chain. We comply with established procedures and quality standards as well as jointly agreed performance criteria. The combination of transport, storage and added services creates an effective customer service system, allowing them to focus on their core business. By creating efficient solutions for our customers, we save them valuable time and minimize their logistics costs.