Regional distribution platform

We provide services related to the Supply Chain for the wine & spirit industry.

Based on the warehouse/logistics platform located in Central Poland in Wolbórz, we deliver goods to recipients located in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe.
The volume of deliveries is adjusted to the commercial needs of distributors.

Deliveries to recipients are made:

  • FTL - dedcated direct delivery (from 2,5 to 24 tons)
  • shipments
  • LTL - part loads
  • parcels deliveries - courier (mainly for e-commerce customers)
Joint operation of the supply chain for many wine distributors operating on one market (as competitors) allows to reduce the costs and capital involved resulting from joint logistics operations. Thus, companies creating synergy may be more competitive than companies acting alone.

Synergy of joint action can also be found through cooperation in the supply chain of several companies importing goods from a given direction. As a result, such activities enable loading of smaller batches of goods and increasing their frequency, thanks to which the amount of frozen funds is smaller. This significantly reduces the risk of long-term storage of goods that sell slower. This also improves the flexibility of operation of distributors cooperating in the supply chain. 
Sharing a central warehouse for wines allows you to consolidate loads from various import suppliers and deliver them to recipients in the expected quantities and time. Having a central warehouse ensures the consolidation of wines and spirits both from the EU (tax warehouse) and from other continents (customs warehouse).
Increasing the frequency of deliveries allows for better management of warehouse stock and maintenance of minimum level of inventory to guarantee the availability and continuity of sales of goods.
Storing goods in a tax warehouse does not result in the need to pay costs related to excise duty or other taxes resulting from the sale of goods. The goods remain the property of the manufacturer at all times until they leave the tax warehouse at his request. Then a sales document must be issued to the recipient.
Transferring the administration and labeling of goods with excise stamps to Partner Logistic. All issues related to the administration of logistics and transport operations, including the handling of excise stamps, will be able to be provided by Partner Logistic as an additional service - thus, particularly burdensome administration will be carried out without any disruptions.
Possibility of providing other services that add value to VAS: banding, creating promotional sets, filling out promotional stands, customs and excise administration,
The location of our warehouse in Poland guarantees optimal transport and storage costs to recipients in CEE and the best delivery times.
Goods can be delivered directly from the warehouse to retail customers, distributors, private customers (e-commerce).
Having a warehouse in this part of Europe ensures an immediate increase in the availability of goods on shelves and enables active response to customer product shortages.