Wine logistics for retail

Partner Logistic has been running a warehouse for excise goods since 2006.
It has its own modern warehouse with an area of 26,500 m2

  • Having a central warehouse for wines allows retail chains to consolidate loads from various import suppliers and deliver them to individual RCDs in the expected quantities and time.
  • The central warehouse ensures the consolidation of wines and spirits both from the EU (tax warehouse) and from other continents (customs warehouse).
  • Concentrating wine & spirit goods in one place ensures more effective inventory management
  • It allows you to defer the payment of taxes, including excise duty, by storing it in a tax or customs warehouse
  • Transferring the administration and labeling of goods with excise stamps to Partner Logistic
  • Optimization of order picking of goods directly to individual RCD branches.
  • Possible daily deliveries to each RCD, including pallet deliveries.
  • Outsourcing of some logistics processes and freeing up important resources in the retail chain's RCD
  • Increasing the availability of goods on the shelf. Responding to stock shortages on shelves through flexible inventory management and the possibility of faster delivery from the Wine Central Warehouse.
  • Ability to maintain minimum level of inventory to ensure the availability and continuity of sales of goods.
  • Possibility of implementing VAS: banding, creating promotional sets, filling out promotional stands, customs and excise administration
  • Taking over transport responsibility from suppliers and thus increasing transport efficiency
  • The central location of our warehouse guarantees that the total transport costs to all RCDs will be the lowest compared to other locations and will take place in the possible shortest time.