Goods security procedures

Our system of securing goods in the warehouse is based on the interconnection of technical and organizational solutions.

The warehouse has permanent, multi-person physical security operating 24/7, supported by an intrusion detection system.
The facility’s interior and exterior, as well as maneuvering yard and parking lots, are monitored by 92 cameras.
Access to the rooms and the warehouse is limited by an access control system and is based on mechanical and electronic solutions (coded cards, fingerprints). All doors are equipped with door closers.
The entire facility is connected to a fire alarm system (FACU).
The company has full insurance against possible risks.

Work safety policy

We take all necessary actions to ensure that the working environment of our employees is safe and free from factors that may pose a threat to their health and life.

We care about occupational hygiene and try to shape their working environment in such a way as to eliminate burdensome or harmful conditions. We constantly monitor occupational health and safety rules, analyze threats and conduct training to prevent accidents at work Machines and equipment used in our warehouse (e.g. forklifts) are regularly serviced and checked for safety.