Our quality

Quality management

  • By introducing international quality standards, we decided to constantly improve and develop the company, the primary goal of which is to strengthen and build the trust of current and future customers.
  • Partner Logistic provides comprehensive logistics services for goods belonging to the food industry. Thus, we commit to ensure full health safety for these products at all stages of the logistics process.
  • The implementation of quality standards allows us to strive to constantly improve the quality of our services and provide our customers assurance that the goods entrusted to us will be properly stored and handled by a qualified team of employees.
  • By focusing our activities on customer service from the food industry, we are aware of how important the health safety of food stored in our Logistics Center is.
  • We constantly ensure compliance with procedures related to food products, constantly improving the level of services provided, striving to provide our contractors with certainty that our handling of their goods is consistent with the established recommendations and standards.

Quality policy

In its daily operations, Partner Logistic focuses primarily on maintaining the health safety of food stored in the Logistics Center in Wolbórz.

  • continuous improvement of logistics processes
  • use of modern logistics equipment
  • constant monitoring of food storage conditions
  • using appropriate packaging when packaging and completing products
  • immediate response to identified non-conformities and irregularities and removing their causes through corrective actions
  • motivating employees to constantly improve the quality of services provided and improve their qualifications
  • providing employees with appropriate working conditions and safety
  • continuous observation of the market and flexible analysis of its needs
  • ciągłą obserwację rynku i elastyczne analizowanie jego potrzeb

What is more, we ensure compliance of our processes with phytosanitary regulations and standards.
In achieving the above goal, we ensure that the employees of our Logistics Center are aware of the goals set by the quality policy in the field of product health safety, and know their obligations, rights and limitations resulting from the requirements of quality management systems and food health safety. We are constantly working on employees' proper understanding of the importance of quality and the influence each employee has on its development.

IFS stadard

IFS Logistics Standard is the International Food Standard, developed for the need to have objective proof of compliance with safety rules in the production and distribution processes of food delivered to retail chains.

The goal of IFS Logistics Standard is to fill the quality gap between a food producer and a retailer. Obtaining the IFS Logistics Standard certificate by a logistics company means that in the processes of storage, transport and other logistics operations it meets the stringent requirements contained in Polish and European food law. At Partner Logistics, the IFS Logistics Standard was implemented in March 2009 and certified by TUV NORD on July 31, 2009 at a higher level.

Basic requirements of the Standard:

  • good Hygiene Practice used in the plant (building and technical infrastructure, separation of dirty and clean zones, separation of movement routes, protection against pests, separate areas for storing chemicals and packaging)
  • monitoring the presence and elimination of physical contaminants (metal, glass, hard plastic, and others that may pose a threat to the health and life of the consumer)
  • eliminating, whenever possible, wood from various stages of production and storage
  • identification and monitoring of threats related to GMOs and allergens
  • identifiability and traceability of products at all stages of production and distribution.


HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) is a system that gives us a general and rational approach to food safety. It was developed to identify and control threats that may appear at every stage of production, storage and distribution of food products. It was implemented in Partner Logistic in 2007.

The purpose of the HACCP program implemented in our Logistics Center is:

  • creating the possibility of managing the health safety system of stored food products
  • maintaining system requirements when storage conditions change
  • ensuring the correctness of actions aimed at increasing the health safety of products
  • continuous improvement of activities aimed at increasing the health quality of stored food products
  • staff training regarding the requirements of the HACCP system and methods of its implementation
  • informing customers about the company's policy aimed at health protection of food handlers
  • consolidating the belief in employees' awareness of the need to maintain personal hygiene and the work environment